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Industrial robot SD700 

Product name: SD700

Wrist load: 3 kg

Maximum working radius: 700 mm


Product Info.

SD series robot appearance compact, small volume, light weight, is the most suitable for a small unit of robots. It can be able to complete the up-down material of high speed, high precision, sorting, assembly and so on. All cable built-in SD series robot at the same time, can flexible to operate within the narrow space, installation can choose for above ground installation, mounting, inversion.

SD700 features: wrist rated load 1 kg, 3 kg maximum load, maximum working radius of 700 mm.



Light weight
High running speed
High position repeat accuracy

Principal Data



Working Space




Material handing

1. More flexibility, more stable performance, lower power consumption.

2. Has high-speed performance maximized throughput;

3. The long working time;

4. Save floor space;

5. The larger work area;


1. High speed, high repeat positioning accuracy;

2. To save space on the ground;

3. The long working time;

4. A larger work area;



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