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ROBOT ADT-400X4G150-051

Product name: ADT-400X4G150-051

Maximum load: 5 kg


The robot arm adopts the high performance controller of ADTECH. The power system harmonic reducer adopts ac servo motor and high precision. It can be used in the need of efficient assembly, sealing, moving and handling of such applications.

 Technical parameters



The robot arm can be used in the need of efficient precision assembly, sealing, carrying and handling of such applications. It has such advantages: high precision, high speed, small installation space, freedom of design.


Size specification


Range of motion

Overall dimensions

Detail of tool mounting surface

The base installation detail


Metal processing industry: press up and down, CNC up-down material, workpiece polishing and deburring;

Electronic industry: The assembly, test of IC chips handling, spot welding, PCBA solder, glue, screws, plug-in, workpiece polishing.

Automobile, motorcycle parts industry:carrying, glue, spot welding;

LED and LCD glass industry: glass carrying, LCM module assembly, silicon wafers, display of handling;

Laser industry: spot welding, cutting,

Electrical appliances industry: home appliances product assembly, handling, a screw;

Scientific research areas: teaching students, school scientific research and development.

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